Senior Haskell developer at GetShop.TV

We are seeking a senior Haskell developer to help us build a stable, automated, typesafe service at scale.

GetShop.TV is an interactive television platform that connects viewers with advertisers and content providers on both live TV and video-on-demand services. Right now the company is expanding its platform, connecting more TV channels and operators in Russia. At the same time we are working on automation and scalability.

Our backend in 100% Haskell (Servant) and some of our internal services rely on GHCJS (Miso). 

We are seeking a senior Haskell developer to help us build a stable, automated, typesafe service at scale. Some of the challenges and tasks include

  • dealing and optimising for an uneven, spiky, but predictable load
  • integration with multiple imperfect services and platforms
  • automating processes that aren't automated yet
  • improving our automatic reporting system
  • performing regular code reviews
  • tutoring several junior developers

 Some buzzwords that we use are Git Flow, GitHub, Servant (with servant-swagger), Miso, acid-state, PostgreSQL, hasql, postgresql-query, hspec, HUnit, QuickCheck, critenion, Circle CI, Ansible, Docker, Telegram (via telegram-bot-simple). We expect candidates to be familiar with most of those, as well as having an industry experience in functional programming.

 We would be thrilled if a candidate were also interested in and/or capable of

  • DevOps with Ansible/Docker/Nix
  • technical writing (Russian or English)


At the company we encourage learning and knowledge sharing, which include internal tech talks.
We also support open source contributions and participations in meetups and conferences.

We'll gladly accept submissions from candidates of all ages, nationalities, genders, etc.

Our focus will be on the candidates located in Moscow, Russia or willing to relocate.

However, remote/part time is possible for strong candidates or after a probationary period.


  • Our office in located right in the center of Moscow, a walking distance from Red Square, Arbat, Hermitage Garden, Moscow Zoo.
  • It's also less than 10 minutes from Pushkinskaya, Tverskaya, Chekhovskaya, Aleksandrovskii Sad and Arbatskya stations.
  • The office is equipped with a kitchen, microwave, coffee machine, offers tea and fresh fruit.
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